Karena Ng eats supper frequently and finally gains weight

Karena Ng (吳千語) filmed a watch brand advertisement earlier and she is classified as a “paper human” (紙板人) by the media in the past due to her skinny body figure. However, it was obvious that Karena gained some weight during the shooting and she said: “Haha. My family is shocked to see I gain some weight for the first time.”

Karena explained that she became fatter as she ate supper in China frequently: “Sometimes I cook my favourite dish to reward myself and I become fatter as the food in China is more oily. It does not matter as my family feel I am too skinny and it is good that I gain some weight. What matters most is staying healthy.”

On that day, Karena wore several clothes with different designs and looked elegant in the blue dress. Another black outfit showed her feminine charm while the red colour dress made Karena looked very seducing.

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Lynn Hung is pointed to go for IVF; She is expecting baby daughter?

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