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Karena Ng stays in 5 stars hotel for a night

Karena Ng (吳千語) and Raymond Lam (林峯) ended their 5 years relationship and he announced their separation news online and remarked it was difficult to let go completely. During a fashion show earlier, Karena looked energetic and radiant and seemed to put the past behind entirely.

East Week discovered Karena played with the claw machine happily at the same venue after the media took photos of her. She then twisted the capsule and gave the gifts to her assistant and staff. She did not look as if she was out of love at all.

Karena sat inside a vehicle after the show and headed to a 5 stars hotel instead, as she used to go to her old love, Raymond Lam’s luxury house in Pok Fu Lam. Her assistant helped her to the staircase and it was suspected that she was taking a rest at the hotel. In addition, some media exposed Karena for moving into a new house in Pok Fu Lam since she was used to staying in that area with Raymond. However, there is an estate in Kennedy Town and the monthly rent costs more than $10,000. Why is Karena “downgrading” since finding a new boyfriend after getting rid of Raymond?

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