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Kate Tsui is stuck at self-service station in supermarket

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) used to be heavily groomed by TVB and pursued jewellery course after her departure. Lately, she studies Master’s Degree in psychology and returns to the schooling life while working at the same time. A few days ago, Kate was dressed up casually in a top and jeans with sports shoes in a supermarket at cyberport alone. She chose some snacks and toiletries and made payment at the self-service section.

It is normal for Kate not getting used to paying by herself as she used to have a manager and an assistant to help her at the activities. She went to the last self-service station to make payment and the sales assistant had to help her after trying for 10 minutes. At the time, Kate felt embarrassed and finally completed the payment within 5 minutes. She then left in a hurry after placing the stuff in a recycling bag. It turned out that Kate parked her car outside the supermarket in a restricted zone and fortunately, she did not receive any fine.

In recent years, Kate reduces her on-screen performances and resumes to schooling life. She studied her jewellery course in 2015 and started a jewellery business thereafter. Since then, Kate begins to dress up casually and look younger upon taking a second look.

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