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Katy Kung is training hard for firm abs so to act as a strong woman in new series

Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) attended a press conference related to big big channel on 18th June 2018. She revealed she had been training hard for firm abs: “I am going for martial arts and fitness classes every week and will share with everybody when there is some results. It takes 30 minutes to do stretching and abs exercises every night and I cannot eat any food which has carbohydrates at night.” Katy added it had been more than 20 years since training for firm abs and hoped to reach her target and act as a firm woman in the new series.

When mentioned about receiving compliments in Beautiful Cooking (美女廚房), Katy felt happy and said: “Nobody expects that I know cooking and I feel happy that the neighbours change their impression of me. I am turning 30 years old soon and somebody wishes to try my cooking. (Are you referring to James Ng [吳業坤]?) He is in Atlantic ocean now.” She also disclosed her male friend was interested to try her cooking but Katy will not cook for anyone easily.

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