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Kelly Chen advises Leon Lai to adjust his mindset about protecting his daughter

Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) is a mother of two sons and watched the movie premiere, The Trough (低壓槽) directed by Nick Cheung (張家輝) at night on 2nd May 2018.

When asked if she saw any baby photo as Leon Lai’s (黎明) assistant, Wing gave birth to a baby daughter a few days ago and Kelly filmed movie with him before, Kelly said: “Nope. Have you seen it yet? I am not that nosy. (Do you want to see it?) Yes. She must be very cute and I will not call at all. I will ask him if any photos when I see him.”

Suggesting her to share children knowledge with Leon, Kelly said: “He needs to be prepared and many people will influence him. Let’s take the hospital incident as an example. I experience it before and understand how he feels. It feels like the media has booked the whole hospital when waiting at the hall and I feel like I cannot breathe at all. You have to get used to it slowly when having the baby for the first time and how long can we protect our children as they need to go to school one day? We must adjust our mindsets and will accept it one day. Other parents will take photos when I take my sons to school even without the media. They then post it online and the media will use it. (Cannot avoid it?) Yes, I need to adjust my mindset. It is best to stay happy and I get used to it slowly.”

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