Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong are happy to film stage play together

Glen Lee (李霖恩) invests 7 digits on the stage play (我就嚟係歌手) and holds 5 rounds in total. He conducted the first public performance at Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre at night on 19 April 2018 and many artiste such as Sharon Luk (陸詩韻), Lisa Chong (莊思明), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) turned up to show their supports.

When asked if Kenneth and Jacqueline had any experiences of filming stage play, they participated it during their schooling days and looked forward to film stage stage in the future. Checking if they were willing to film together, Kenneth said: “I am okay depending on the fees.” Jacqueline said: “We film series together before and do not mind working together as long as there is good filming partner. I am really looking forward to it.”

It was obvious that the entire cast team put in their full efforts especially when Amy Tam (譚嘉荃) sang the classic song (波斯貓) and looked glamorous. Another highlight was Eddie Ng (吳國敬) was invited as the mysterious guest and won applause from the audiences when he sang the song (其實我深深愛着你). It was considered his first time to return to the stage play after 30 years and Eddie revealed he suffered from insomnia for 4 nights because of this performance.

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