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Kevin Cheng does not console Grace Chan when she loses in cooking show

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) was present at the recruitment drive for 2018 Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant in Kwai Fong at night on 5th June 2018. When reminded about returning as the “last” in Beautiful Cooking 2 (美女廚房) show, Grace felt it was amusing upon watching it and the most unforgettable memory was the ordinary dishes: “My mother tells me that it is better for her to cook for me next time. (But you have to cook for your husband in the future?) I have no talent in cooking and my friends tell me to stick to making desserts. (Did your boyfriend, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) console you?) Nope. He understands the atmosphere is most important when shooting show. I try cooking pork steak for him before and I am less clumsy at the time.”

Mentioning that Ms former Hong Kong, Winnie Young (楊婉儀) mortgaged her tiara for money, Grace replied she noticed the news and respected her thinking. She treated her tiara as priceless treasure and did not expect everyone to have the same thinking as her.

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