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Kong Kaman rejects to mention Vincent Wong: We do not keep in contact

Kong Kaman (江嘉敏) and Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) played football at an event in a shopping mall on 3rd June 2018 as the world cup was arriving. As Kaman had rumours with Vincent Wong (王浩信) who was pointed to have marriage problem with his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), she replied she had no idea until the reporters asked her due to busy filming series. Kaman also rejected to show concern for Vincent: “We do not keep in contact after wrapping up the drama and it happens all of a sudden and resembles gossip to me. (Your rumours affect their marriage?) I do not understand at all. It should be unrelated and we do not meet up after filming drama.” She was not worried about affecting her image and will do her part well.

When mentioned about Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) resembled the male lead, Kei Tanaka’s (田中圭) role character in Japanese drama, Ossan’s Love (大叔的愛), Hubert remarked they could film series together: “I will invite Alfred to film with me and what matters most is funny. (What about kissing?) Of course, I mind it. (He is a poor kisser?) Nope. I do not kiss before.”

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