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Leanne Li cries after putting MSG into the soup; Wong Cho Lam places it down

Leanne Li (李亞男) accepted an interview from Amy Wu (胡美儀) and promoted her newly release recipe book (暖男廚房) at Metro Radio station (新城電) on 21st June 2018.

She revealed ever since she was conferred “hell culinary goddess”, Leanne had been trying very hard to improve her culinary skills and transform into Mrs Wong who cooked wonderful dishes: “I do not know how to cook at all in the past and feel very down after encountering failures many times. Once, I boil soup for Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) before married and he tells me the soup is very salty and feels very thirsty. He places the soup down immediately after I admit that I put MSG into it. I cry as a result as it ends up as failure despite the full efforts.”

As for now, Leanne knew how to cook many dishes such as her signature dish, steak, snails and fish maw: “My friends will order in advance when eating at my house and I open a Facebook column to share my cooking knowledge with others. I used to be a computer idiot in the past and it is considered a new beginning after married. I know about computer and cooking now.”

Leanne confessed she felt a sense of achievement and was aware of her culinary skills was not as good as Maria Cordero (肥媽) and Steve Lee (鼎爺), but will try to improve her skills through other resources: “I try to cook at home whenever I am free and Cho Lam always returns home immediately after finishing his work.”

When asked about her baby plan, Leanne said: “I try to cook food which nourish my body so as to welcome our new member. I will also cook food which is suitable for the adult and child to eat and it will be useful when I become a mother.”

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