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Leanne Li is trying very hard for a baby this year

Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) exposed his wife, Leanne Li (李亞男) suffered from depression and was admitted into the hospital twice earlier. He decreased his workload in China in recent years and hoped to have a baby quickly so that Leanne would not feel lonely.

A few days ago, Apple Daily’s (蘋果) reader, Mrs Ye (葉太) discovered Leanne waited outside the labour room in Union hospital in mid April through (爆相爆片). Around 6.30pm on that day, Leanne wore hot shorts revealing her 43 inches leg and Mrs Ye said: “I guess one of them is the baby’s mother as there is a few friends around. As they place 3 babies in front and it is already full, they have to wait for another 15 minutes.”

While waiting, Mrs Ye saw Leanne kept taking selfie with the mother who gave birth to a baby not long ago and said: “They feel very excited upon seeing the baby and discuss about the resemblance. Leanne even comments the baby is very cute.”

Leanne admitted to visiting her colleague at the hospital during a telephone interview with Apple Daily: “I feel elated for her once she is pregnant and visit her immediately after she gives birth. I hope to have some good luck too. (Want to have a baby quickly too?) I have been trying very hard and want to have my own baby. Hope to have good news to share with everybody this year.”

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