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Leanne Li promises to announce her baby gender at a later time

Leanne Li (李亞男) is expecting for more than 4 months and wore high heels to attend an event on 18th August 2018. She remained skinny other than her growing stomach and revealed she was in a good condition. Leanne would stroll at the park during her free time and hoped it would help in the delivery.

Leanne disclosed she was considering to opt for caesarian as she was afraid of pain and worried about her husband, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) was working when giving birth: “He has a very tight schedule and can apply for leave in advance if I go for caesarian.”

Leanne added that she could felt her baby was moving around in her stomach now: “I assume it is stomach pain initially and it is a miracle. (Know the baby’s gender?) We will announce it at a later time. The daughter usually resembles the father and the son looks like the mother. But it is hard to say as Cho Lam has strong genes and I am very worried. (Are you hinting?) I feel nervous only.”

Although she was currently pregnant, but Leanne could not resist to eat ice-cream and drink frizzy beverages at times. When asked if he restricted her diet, she said: “He is considered relaxed towards me. I accompany him to eat sashimi occasionally and he said it was tasteless and not fresh. Hence, I do not feel like eating it.”

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