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Leehom Wang Complains Wife Prefers Cell Phone Over Him

Married for five years and the father of two girls, Leehom Wang (王力宏) has settled into family life. As in any marriage, the initial passion may have lost its spark.

In a humorous post he shared on social media, Leehom complained that his wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) prefers to stare at the cell phone instead of looking at him. Capturing his own topless reflection in the mirror, Leehom wrote, “I wonder how hard I have to train in order to get my wife’s attention?”

The 41-year-old singer keeps a rigorous exercise regimen and is still in great shape. Since his wife is not interested in his defined abs, Leehom decided to share his topless photo online to get fans’ approval instead.

When Jinglei and Leehom got married in 2015, many of Leehom’s fans were disappointed by his end to bachelorhood. Although married to a handsome and talented superstar, Jinglei seems to be caught up by daily distractions instead of paying attention to her husband all the time. Some fans joked, “Eating too much shark fin will get boring too?”

Source: HK01

Leehom’s court case over child visitation rights is still ongoing.

The pair’s lawyers discussed the child visitation rights for 9 hours behind closed doors.

Dragged into the couple’s divorce scandal, Vivian Hsu said she has already received apologies from them.

His ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, ignored court orders to allow Leehom to visit.

Many think Leehom dug his own grave by giving his own cheating evidence.

Jinglei provided 14 documents of evidence against Leehom.

Jinglei continues to call out on Wang Leehom’s behaviour as their divorce spat continues.

He supposedly brought three men along as he “wanted a witness” lest she catches him by surprise with an unexpected move.

Lee Jinglei accused Leehom Wang of trying to enter her home with three strangers without her consent.

The Mandopop singer is now being accused of paying for internet supporters to swing public opinion.

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