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Leehom Wang: “Trends Change, But I Haven’t Changed”

Touted as the Mandopop King, Leehom Wang (王力宏) made his debut in 1995 and has been in the entertainment industry for 23 years. Unlike others who had a slow or gradual rise in popularity, Leehom’s good looks and musical talent shot him to fame almost immediately. He reached the peak of his popularity in the early 2000s. Now a husband and father, the 41-year-old singer has long passed his idol years.

Despite so, Leehom is not bothered by this and unconcerned about not being popular among fans who are born after 1995 or even 2000. “Era changes occur fast. Music trends change fast too. If I went online every five minutes to see what people are saying about me online, whether they praised me, or whether they criticized me, I would go crazy! An artiste’s packaging and image changes with the times. However, my innate character has not changed. I still love music, films, and creativity.”

The hip hop genre is also trending again. Leehom reflected, “Thirteen years ago, I made hip hop music in China. Now, hip hop music is trending again. Actually, music itself does not change, no matter how you sing it. It is just a matter of current trends. The core of music is its story and lyrics.”

Sought Out TFBoys

Recently, Leehom collaborated with the popular boyband TFBoys to create a new song, titled Tonight Forever. He openly admitted that he sought out the collaboration with TFBoys due to their current popularity. “My genre of music is pop, and I am also living in a pop culture. I would pay particular attention to new people and new things that are currently popular. I am very happy to have collaborated with TFBoys. They are very cute, serious, and especially humble. I am very touched by this. You can make music for a lifetime, but never learn everything. As long as you work hard to continuously learn, then your music will become better and better.”

Success Means Finding the Right Balance

In comparison to others in the same field, Leehom is one of the more fortunate artistes with a smooth-sailing career. However, it has only been recently that he started to truly understand the meaning behind the term “successful”. He reflected, “Life cannot revolve around just one aspect. A lot of young people strive to be successful in their careers, but neglect their family, friends, and health. I don’t think this is right.”

Leehom married Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) in 2013. The couple have two daughters. Leehom now consciously makes an effort to balance his time between work, family, and friends. For his upcoming tour, his wife and and two daughters will accompany him. In addition, Leehom also goes the extra mile and makes the effort to stay in touch with long-time friends Christine Fan (范瑋琪), Blackie Chen (陳建州), and Dee Hsu (徐熙娣).


Leehom’s court case over child visitation rights is still ongoing.

The pair’s lawyers discussed the child visitation rights for 9 hours behind closed doors.

Dragged into the couple’s divorce scandal, Vivian Hsu said she has already received apologies from them.

His ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, ignored court orders to allow Leehom to visit.

Many think Leehom dug his own grave by giving his own cheating evidence.

Jinglei provided 14 documents of evidence against Leehom.

Jinglei continues to call out on Wang Leehom’s behaviour as their divorce spat continues.

He supposedly brought three men along as he “wanted a witness” lest she catches him by surprise with an unexpected move.

Lee Jinglei accused Leehom Wang of trying to enter her home with three strangers without her consent.

The Mandopop singer is now being accused of paying for internet supporters to swing public opinion.

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