Leo Ku admits to feeling phobia after falling on the stage

Leo Ku (古巨基) held the final session of his concert in Hong Kong Coliseum at night on 14th may 2018. He changed into another outfit at the back stage quickly when the curtains rolled down but one side of the curtain failed to roll down and it exposed the next background setting to the audiences as a result. Two staff had to walk towards the stage and roll down the curtain immediately in order not to affect the performance.

Subsequently, Leo felt grateful to the god and his tears was falling down during the celebration party after the concert. Leo also illustrated the accident: “I realise I fall down after feeling my back pain. The injury can be worse if my head, hands or legs land on the floor first.”

Leo disclosed the doctor told him to have a good rest and it would take two weeks for full recovery. When asked if it caused phobia to him since he needed to continue the world tour concert in Zhanjiang on 19th May, Leo said: “Slightly. I must be extra careful and keep a distance from the hole. I must see the hole and not behind me. (The curtain fail to roll down during your concert?) It is a minor issue when compared to falling down. It will be fine after the injury and I treat it as a blessing in disguise.”

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