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Linda Chung wears high heels and plans to stop having baby after this pregnancy

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) wore a white dress with 3 inches high heels to attend a cosmetic event on 19th April 2018 and it was her first time to return to Hong Kong after announcing her pregnancy news. Although she is expecting for more than 5 months, but her stomach looks the same and arms remain slim. Linda changed to flat heels during the interview and the crew team was very anxious about her. She returned to Hong Kong alone this time and promised her family and hubby to rest in Canada after this event. Linda will be staying in Hong Kong for 2 weeks and rejecting all interviews so as to have a relaxing schedule.

When mentioned about her second pregnancy, Linda replied it was a gift from the heaven: “Kelly is already a good present and I feel grateful about my second pregnancy.” She also rejected to reveal the baby gender: “I told the doctor not to tell me the baby gender during ultrasound scan as my husband and I want to keep it mysterious. The baby gender does not matter and I have thought about the names. Kelly knows she is becoming an elder sister soon and I tell her to feel my stomach everyday, but I guess she is too obsessed and buy a baby doll for her to learn.”

Checking if Linda missed Kelly since she will not get to see her for 2 weeks, Linda’s eyes started to turn red and say: “Please stop saying it as I may cry and it is the first time that I leave my daughter for a long period of time. My parent in-law told me Kelly began to look for me upon leaving the house.” Someone then passed her a tissue and she said: “I can control it.”

Linda also pointed that she felt tired during the first 3 months of her pregnancy: “Feel like puking all the time and thank you to my hubby for his understanding. He helps me to cook and do house chores. I am more than 5 months pregnant now and my condition is considered stable but there is not much changes in my body though. My stomach looks bigger and sharper previously.”

Linda expressed she will be giving birth in Canada and returning to Hong Kong next year after breastfeeding. When asked if she will attend her good friend, Christine Kuo’s (苟芸慧) wedding, Linda said: “Let’s wait for her to confirm the date first and I may not attend if it is happening this year. There will be changes after my second baby is born and I am worried about taking care of 2 children.” She also declined to disclose the estimated date of delivery and the baby will be born in autumn. Linda will not be having another baby after this pregnancy as she believed 2 children were enough for her.

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