Linda Chung’s contract with TVB has ended; She is jumping out from her comfort zone

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and her husband, Jeremy are married for more than 2 years and their daughter, Kelly is 1 year old. She is rumoured to be expecting again lately and sharing 2 photos on 02 March (In the afternoon) on Instagram. 1 of the photos shows the ultrasound and Linda admits she is pregnant and her contract with TVB has expired.

Linda shares a message on Facebook:

“Although I do not see you before, but we know that you are a gift to us by the god and will definitely cherish you……

To my dearest friends and fans:

Sharing my joy with you and I am pregnant again!

Thank you to god for allowing us to be parent again and she says wow upon knowing turning into an elder sister.

Honestly before announcing this happy news, my contract with TVB has ended. I cannot bear to leave all of you but my family hopes I will focus on resting and welcoming the new member. Hence, I will have limited workload now and will continue to work hard after giving birth to the new member. Haha……

Over here, I really appreciate for the support and understanding by TVB for many years. I remembered I joined showbiz through Ms Chinese International at 19 year old. I am extremely shy, lack of confidence and do not know anything at that time. It is the safe house, TVB sheltering me from rain and wind, providing me training and growing up. It allows me to understand myself, the type of talent and the direction so as to let everyone understand me and learn the way of communication.

The past 13 years experience is very enriching and the determination and hard work enable me to learn to love, show concern and turn into a mature adult. As for now, I will jump out from my comfort zone first but remain grateful. TVB, you create the “Linda Chung” today.

Ms Lok: You have been protecting me and always comment that I am too pure and innocent. You do not want anything to affect my image and resemble a mother who protects and loves me. Thank you!

Ms Tsang: You give me the first performance chance and that is Virtues of Harmony sitcom. You choose to believe me when others are in doubt. The training and motivation that you have given pushes me to the maximum that I do not expect at all. Thank you.

Brother Herman: You grant my singing dream and give me many favourite songs to sing. You also keep guiding me and thank you!

Sandy: Although we collaborate for a short period of time, but you give me many chances to join variety shows for few years. It allows others to know another side of Linda Chung. Thank you!

Lastly, thank you to all TVB staff and there is no “Linda Chung” today if without all of you!

Giving my eternal blessings!

Thank you to the big TVB family!

Goodbye for now and I believe we will see each other soon.

Love love love and I love you all.


Linda Chung”

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