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Liza Wang and Law Kar Ying take photo in ViuTV; Perhaps TVB is gracious

Liza Wang Ming Chuen (汪明荃) appeared at the game show (Good Night Show全民星戰) produced by ViuTV when visiting Law Kar Ying (羅家英) and she was made fun by the host, Andrew Lam (林敏驄) during the group photo taking session. He placed ViuTV sticker near Lisa’s hat and Kar Ying believed it would not affect Liza. Kar Ying said: “He makes fun of everybody and she is known as Mrs Law Ming Chuen who is a member of celebrity football team. She comes over to visit me and taking few photos is fine. She does not accept any interviews and we are family. Her brother returns from the US and they decide to visit and root for me after having high tea nearby. Asking if he was worried about making TVB angry, Kar Ying said: “Please stop talking about TVB. Perhaps they are gracious? I think we are being paranoid and helping each other in showbiz is not a problem.”

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