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Louis Cheung passes through immigration with “1 Take Pass”

Earlier on Instagram, Louis Cheung (張繼聰) shared a video clip that he was always taken away for further investigation whenever passing through the immigration counter in China for business trip as there was a drastic difference between his old photo taken for identification card, home return permit and current appearance. A few days ago on Instagram, Louis uploaded his photo taken in the vehicle and left a message: “I am preparing to pass through the immigration counter again.” Many netizens wish him success.

Ever wonder if Louis passes through the immigration counter within “1 Take” this time? On 29th March 2018, he answered everybody’s query and uploaded his photo with a victory symbol. Louis left a message: “I announce to everybody with gratefulness and twice! It is successful when I pass through twice and feel very fortunate but should not take it for granted. I will remain humble for the next immigration round. #It is my identification detail and able to get it through. It is a life with fortunate feeling?”

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