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Louis Koo dislikes make-up and loves to go for sun tanning

Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jo Kuk (谷祖琳) were invited to a skincare event on 19th July 2018. Jo was dressed up sexily and her two daughters were present as well.

When asked if Louis was going to challenge whitening products, he replied he needed to look fairer due to filming new movie lately: “I act as a tailor in the film and try my best. You cannot change your skin colour instantly and it depends on the diet, make-up and lighting. (Unused to becoming fair?) I can accept it but feel like going for sun tanning during summer. The weather is normal this year but I have a busy schedule and lack of affinity with the sun.” Louis added he loved to go for sun tanning as he disliked make-up and some work required him to look dark.

Mentioning that Hong Kong Arts Centre (香港藝術中心) named him as “Louis Koo Cinema” which started on 19th July 2018, Louis rejected to reveal the figure and promoting local films was the most important.

When checked if he watched Detective Investigation Files 4 (刑事偵緝檔案4) rebroadcast by TVB at midnight, Louis responded he would watch it depending on his schedule. Revealing that the netizens edited the scene of him speaking Mandarin, Louis did not notice it and could not shoot the scene again.

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