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Louisa Mak denies Nathan Ngai kisses her by force: Please stop the discussion

Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) is perceived as “Him Law number 2” (羅仲謙2號). Louisa Mak complained to the senior management about kissing her by force and Nathan was reprimanded and TVB rejected to renew his contract as a result. He denied it during a telephone interview with Apple Daily (蘋果): “It refuses to renew the last year of my contract. I did think about it and we are artiste. Anyway, it is the management’s decision and I am unsure if it is related to someone.”

Louisa dismissed the gossips when shooting a show in Kwun Tong at night on 4th May 2018: “I read the news and I feel…… I only know about his departure from TVB not long ago and will not guess about the reason. It is the company and his personal reason and I believe it is for his own good. It is none of my concern anyway. (What about the forced kissing rumour?) I heard about it and do not care much so as to reduce the discussions and speculations. It is best not to talk so much. (Any misunderstanding?) I read his news and believe there is misunderstandings from time to time. I do not care about what others say and it is meaningless to talk about this.”

When asked if she felt uncomfortable when filming Line Walker: The Prelude (使徒行者2) drama, Louisa kept silence for a while before answering: “Well, the whole team is great. We create good effects and all relationship scenes are sweet. As an actress, I do my part well and feel stressful when filming but a professional actress must overcome the obstacles.”

Mentioning that she complained to the company about her unhappy incident, Louisa said: “Please stop bringing it up and we do not need to answer to the public. The company tells us to inform them if we feel unhappy at work and I have confidence in them. The company is protecting us and we will not feel scared and dare not tell the boss when feeling sick.”

Checking if she kept in contact with him after the filming, Louisa said: “I film another series immediately and do not bump into each other. Perhaps we may see each other during promotion campaign but have less chances to work together after his leaving. Nevertheless, I wish him all the best. (Meet up in private?) Nope.”

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