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Lynn Hung scolds foolish man forbidding his wife using anesthetic during labour

37 year old Lynn Hung (熊黛林) is currently expecting for 8 months and has stopped her work to rest at home. She has been updating her daily life online and it is uncertain if the joy of being a future mother spurs her interest to monitor the news. Recently, Lynn shares some news about a husband forbidding his expecting wife to give birth without anesthetic in fear of affecting the baby in Hangzhou.

Subsequently, Lynn cannot resist to reprimand the unknown husband online after reading the news: “No culture and it is scary! Why leave an important decision to a foolish man? Pregnant for 10 months is a difficult process yet you are forcing an expecting woman to go through the severe pain? Doesn’t woman has any rights?” Lynn’s comment attracts the attention of many mothers and they support her speech.

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