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Lynn Hung’s husband, Kwok Ho Chung dares not carries his delicate daughters

Lynn Hung (熊黛林) was married to Kwok Ho Chung (郭可頌) in 2016 and announced her pregnancy news in last November. On 25th April 2018, she uploaded a photo and announced she gave birth to twins girls. Lynn felt touched and overjoyed upon seeing her daughters: “She has big eyes and weighs around 5 pounds. She is beautiful and my husband is extremely happy.”

Ho Chung felt very nervous when Lynn was at the delivery room and felt relieved once knowing that they were safe. As their daughters looked very delicate, Ho Chung dared not carry them until Lynn told him to sit still and place the baby in his arm. She said: “He wants to carry her all the way. It is amusing to see my big sized husband carries our small sized daughter.”

Lynn looked energetic despite after giving birth not long: “My mother accompanies me and I am learning to take care and breastfeeding my babies. Breastfeeding is good for them and what matters most is they are healthy.” Lynn and Ho Chung will choose the most appropriate names for their babies at a later time.”

Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) accepted an interview from Apple Daily (蘋果) on the same day: “I have visited them and it is a joy to become an auntie. One resembles mummy and another looks like daddy. They have average weights and I manage to recognise their elder and younger daughters on the first day. (Share your children knowledge with Lynn?) Although it happens 8 years ago, but I can advise her. My daughter feels happy to have cousins and wants to carry them.”

When asked if she gave any presents to Lynn’s daughters, Kenix said: “I will give the old clothes worn by my daughter so as to share good luck with them. I will be preparing a baby shower party as well and they will definitely become busier after becoming parent. I will help them if I am free.” She also praised Lynn was an intelligent woman: “She only pukes in the beginning of the pregnancy and is in good condition all the way. The babies are healthy.” Kenix had no intention to have another baby and their children could accompany her daughter.

Around 10pm, Lynn replied in the group chat in WeChat: “Thank you for the blessings from everybody! The princesses will be healthy and live a happy life with us.”

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