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Maggie Cheung points the director, Nick Cheung is fussy

New film, The Trough (低壓槽) directed by Nick Cheung (張家輝) who also stars alongside Maggie Cheung (張可頤) will be airing soon. They accepted an interview together from the media a few days ago. She commented Nick was very fussy and it was hard for her to meet his expectations during the filming: “I resemble an instrument and need to change my acting perspectives due to the director despite acting for many years. I become relaxed when he is satisfied with my acting skills after shooting twice.” Nick said: “Because I am an autocratic ruler.”

However, Maggie emphasised she felt comfortable to work with Nick and appreciate that he did not throw his temper but using an effective tone to communicate and give them trust and ideas. She said: “Nick is a direct and hands on person. As for myself, my strength is able to understand his requests. Haha.”

The Trough film is the third movie directed by Nick who spends 2 years to complete it. He admitted to eating several “lemons” during the preparation as it was hard to find the cast team: “It is a good script. I travel by an aeroplane to invite the opposite party but it is rejected due to personal reason or schedule problem. I face many rejections and need to adjust my mindset after twice or thrice.”

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