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Michael Tao and Adam Cheng reunite; They fight for disciple in new drama

Adam Cheng (鄭少秋), Michael Tao (陶大宇), Elanne Kong (江若琳) and Eric Kwok (郭偉亮) were present at the worshipping ceremony of ViuTV new series (詭探前傳) on 6th July 2018. As Adam and Michael acted as father and son in The Greed of Man (大時代) series, they will be fighting for disciple in new drama this time.

Adam said: “Michael is a handsome man and it is my wish to have a son like him.” When mentioned about the drop in shares lately, Adam replied there was an American man behind it and Michael continued to call him as “father”. Reminding that David Siu (邵仲衡) acted as his elder son in The Greed of Man drama, he said: “Hopefully David can make a cameo appearance.”

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