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Michael Tong has a hard life in Hong Kong and dismisses China as a goldmine

Michael Tong (唐文龍) joins showbiz for 22 years and gains fame after filming Heart and Greed 3 (溏心風暴3) drama earlier. He accepted an interview from Apple Daily (蘋果) a few days ago and said emotionally: “I dare not say I feel proud after making some achievements but I receive around 50 to 60 calls from the radio station and media for interviews in the past 3 to 4 months. I dislike pretending to be humble and it is hard to predict what is happening tomorrow as an artiste. I am happy that someone cares about me today and use a positive mindset to face the following day.”

Although Michael migrated to US when he was little, but his family’s status was in less satisfactory condition and he explained: “My father works as a white collar worker in Hong Kong and the life there is not easy. We open a fast food store and rely on our savings. My mother cuts the supermarket coupons to buy food and I do not understand about eating the same old food when little. I start to understand life is not easy as an adult and realise the reason behind my mother’s saying.”

Michael loved singing and sang the song (我要怎麼知道你愛我如果我們永遠不說) at TVB show, season 2 of Cantopop at 50 (流行經典50年). It turned out that he could sing well but his family objected to him as a singer and Michael worked as a part time fashion designer in Taiwan: “Five hundred or three hundred for one piece and I need to think of the designs.”

Subsequently, Michael returned to Hong Kong to film movies and join TVB in 1999. He lived in a sub-divided flat and bought an apartment quickly when the property price was low. Michael laughed and said: “I have stable income but it is dissatisfactory though. I earn around $5000 in the beginning and do not want to sound pitiful as it happen to most people. My income is good for some time except for the last 2 years and I decide to take the risk to venture outside.”

When asked if he earned high income in China, Michael said: “Everyone mistakes China as a goldmine and it is fake. The place is bigger by 1000 times and the competition is worse by 100 times. It is not embarrassing for Hong Kong people in China but everyone talks in Mandarin and I learn pin yin immediately. It depends on your luck if you can blend into their society.”

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