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Michael Tong is a fitness addict and steals tips by observation in the gym

Michael Tong (唐文龍) seems to have poor luck all the time and he does not always have work when working in China for the past 11 years. He considered himself lucky that he did not need to rent apartment with other people and there were people willing to give him a helping hand whenever he almost “died”. Michael revealed he borrowed money from his parent to pay for the instalment for his property in Hong Kong when he was jobless for 9 months and he had paid them back. He believed there was unlimited love from his parent and money could not measure it.

Having a positive mindset is important to an artiste and it is easy to suffer from depression. Michael admitted to feeling fragile and felt like giving up at times: “It is a bet when you join showbiz and hard to change line after that. Will boss hire you if you are a nobody? People who change line early are considered very brave and you have to bring money into this line if you have nowhere to go. We have to bet if penniless and do not assume the fame will last forever.”

As Michael was a “skinny kid” (奀仔) when little, he was always bullied when studying in overseas and he trained himself after school everyday: “I broke my school’s record at 19 chin ups and done 22 chin up when I was 11 or 12 years old.”

As for now, Michael treated himself as a muscular man and taught everyone about exercises during an interview. He said while doing the demonstration: “Have a look! I am sweating now and do not need to apply make-up.” Although he injured his hand earlier, but Michael continued with his exercises everyday and said: “I do not stop my exercises at all and even do 5 to 10 minutes exercises when watching television.”

Michael believed visiting gym was a reasonable expenditure and said: “Exercising is the best way to get rid of the depression when you have no work and you can exercise for 2 hours before dinner. You can do it too when nobody sees you in the company. (You look professional and do you have a coach?) I observe around when training in the gym in the past and I cannot afford it even though it is worth it. You can look for information online now but I have to steal tips in the past.”

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