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Michael Tong suffers from sinusitis and considers to go for surgery

Michael Tong (唐文龍) was invited to Nautique Wakefest Hong Kong 2018 as the guest and demonstrated his water skiing skills with a female member. As he suffered from sinusitis and had not recovered, Michael did not go into the water and it might affect his nerves. He had taken 2 weeks of medicine and went for a scan. Michael will be visiting his family in the US and considering to go for surgery if he had not recovered.

When asked if his rumoured girlfriend, Wiyona Yeung (楊柳青) showed her concern, Michael called her as junior and said: “Yes, it is normal for a junior to shower concern for me.” He also praised she was smart and had talent in martial arts skills. Checking if he felt envy of his friends who became fathers around his age, Michael replied he was currently single and remained friends with Wiyona. When the reporters asked if there was any chances to develop a relationship, Michael had no response.

Anjaylia Chan’s (陳嘉寶) husband, Epaphras Wong was the organiser and participated in the match. He said: “I lose to the competitors from Singapore and Korea and emerge as fifth winner, but Hong Kong is the champion.” As Anjaylia’s friends had been learning water skiing from him lately, Epaphras said: “My wife is not worried at all and we have a group chat to update the latest condition. She has complete trust in me and I am completely focused on teaching them water skiing skills.”

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