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Michael Tong’s thoughts wonder around during the meal

48 year old Michael Tong (唐文龍) is pointed as “hehe” all along and suspected to develop a “father and daughter” relationship with 25 year old Mandy Wong Man Yi (黃文意). Earlier during an interview, he admitted to liking younger girls due to looks and fertility concerns. However, their romance led to an unexpected turn even if she mets his expectations.

Mandy was rumoured to use their relationship to gain fame by publicising it but somebody revealed that Michael tried to expose their romance which resulted in their separation. Michael was not worried about any gossips all along since he had a clear conscience but started to get worried about the particular news damaging their friendship. He told East Week (東周網) that Mandy was only a newcomer and please refrain from hurting her as she might not handle the stress well.

A few days ago, Michael’s thoughts seemed to wonder around during the dinner with Jason Wong (黃竣鋒) and he revealed he felt unhappy and confused upon reading the recent news report when Jason asked if he was alright. It was unexpected to East Week that Michael actually had a fragile heart despite his tough appearance.

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