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Michelle Wai makes fun of Carlos Chan: He is not returning money to her

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Michelle Wai (衞詩雅) attended the movie premiere, Hidden Man (邪不壓正) at night on 27th August 2018. He expressed it had been a long time since he saw Eddie Peng (彭于晏) since the film, To the Fore (破風) and was aware of Eddie showing his back view in the movie. Carlos admitted he was not as fit as Eddie and did not mind revealing his body if he became fit in the future.

Michelle praised Eddie was a dashing man and Carlos promised to introduce him to her: “Carlos and I are good friends and feel touched initially when he offers to give me a lift. It turns out that he wants me to pay $70 for the toll fee and he has not pay $500 back to me. Carlos said: “I plan to return money to her but she makes fun of me and I am not going to pay her back now.”

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