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Miriam Yeung films TVB drama again; She shops for branded goods

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) films TVB big drama, Wonder Women (多功能老婆) again after 17 years later. Apparently, the screen writer, Ella Chan Bo Wah (陳寶華) started to prepare for the series last year and the original female lead was supposed to be Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) but lost to Miriam eventually. As the movie queen, it is definite that Miriam cannot afford to make any mistake.

In fact, it is easy for Miriam to act as a wonder wonder as her husband, Real Ting (丁子高) praised she usually spent time and cooked for her family whenever she was not working, and she was definitely a good wife who deserved 100 marks: “We will discuss all matters together and she loves me and my family. Please do not assume that she is a career woman and she does her part well after becoming my wife.” A few days ago, it was their 11th year wedding anniversary and Real specially prepared a surprise to reward his hardworking wife.

Other than analysing, developing her acting skills and showing her kind and caring character for her role character in the new drama, Miriam is very concerned about her costumes as well. A couple of days ago, she wore sunglasses to buy branded goods as the props. Miriam bought accessory from YSL brand and handbag from ANYA brand and the whole duration lasted less than 15 minutes. Looks like the shooting gives an excuse to the “shopaholic” Miriam this time.

In addition, Miriam loves to use her private stuff whenever shooting MV and movies. She wore a black colour dress in Love in the Buff (春嬌與志明) film and used her own caravan which cost $700,000 while shooting spectacles advertisement. Miriam also moved more than 100 pairs of high heels to the shooting location when filming her MV (斗零踭) in 2010 and said: “I have no idea that I have many pairs of high heels and try to help as the director wants to make it look glamorous. I realise I do not wear some shoes before and it is quite new.”

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