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Miriam Yeung wants to have a healthy body to prepare her second pregnancy

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) leaves Media Asia Entertainment Group  (寰亞公司) this year and focuses on managing her husband, Real Ting’s (丁子高) entertainment company. As she is planning to have a baby, Miriam needs to control her workload and try to do her preferred work, as she may need to stop her work for a long time. Earlier, Miriam remarked that she wanted to have a baby daughter and continue with the exercises in order to have a healthy body during the pregnancy.

On 23rd April 2018, Miriam uploaded a video clip of herself running at the beach and left a message: “Never give up and unaffected by others!” She added that she was used to this exercise and it made her feel energetic and less pain. When asked if she was required to have a bland diet, Miriam said: “I dare not eat as want to look slim lately. The exercises help to burn the calories and I try to achieve a balance between exercise and diet. I listen to the advice from nutritionist and do not want to waste my time doing exercises.”

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