Moka Fang and Aaron Kwok have plans for another baby


It is Moka Fang (方媛)’s first public appearance during a haircare activity on 28 March after her pregnancy. She is dressed in red and white shirt revealing her fit body figure. It is obvious that Moka was nervous when talking to the host on the stage and her smiles looked stiff.

Moka accepted an interview with her husband, Aaron Kwok (郭富城)’s manager and admitted to feeling nervous. Asking about the reason for attending this activity, Moka said: “I love this brand and use their product. (Attracted by the fees?) Helping a friend and I am uncertain about the fees. (Enough for you to buy a handbag?) No idea. (Your income is your personal savings?) Yes.” As Aaron had his own hair care business, Moka did not feel she was competing with him and she will show her support as long as it was good brand.

When mentioned about the rumours related to Aaron allowing her to attend this event, Moka denied it and he will support her as long as she took good care of her family and baby. When the reporter asked if she shed weight successfully, Moka replied she weighed 43kg now and did not deliberately lose weight. Confirming about the gossips about Aaron hoping to become a father again and not having any safety precaution, Moka believed child was a gift from the god and they had their own plans. However, she needed to look after her daughter, Chantelle first and asking if Aaron will buy property to reward her, Moka said: “Yes, many but the value is not the most important. What matters most is the sincerity. (Any celebrations for your one year wedding anniversary on 18th April?) No plans yet. (Hope to have surprises?) Frequently and he usually give me surprises on any occasions.”

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