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Moon Lau consoles Jeannie Chan when she is late for an event

Moon Lau (劉佩玥) attended a beauty product event with Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) at Causeway Bay on 17th April 2018. The event started after an hour delay as Jeannie turned up very late and as her good friend, Moon had no choice but to handle the audiences first and say: “Sorry. I am not mad and considered obedient. My good friend has some problem with her dress zip and her manager has to buy another dress for her. Very sorry and it looks bad if I proceed the event without her. I know everyone waits for a long time and decide to meet everybody first.”

Subsequently, Jeannie kept apologising and explaining once arriving: “I meet many obstacles today. I drive from Tsim Sha Tsui and there is a minor car accident when crossing the sea. Hence, I decide to walk after parking my car but my dress rips suddenly and it is better to meet everybody after changing into a new dress. Very sorry and it is the first time that this happens.”

Jeannie also pointed she was a muddle-headed person. Although she told her manager to help her buy a dress quickly, but the zip was jammed and she might need to cut the dress. The audiences then suggested her to carry an extra dress  next time and Jeannie said: “I should bring scissors and needles too next time. I did think about wearing a dress revealing my back and chest. Anyway, I feel embarrassed, guilty and owe everyone an apology now.”

As for Moon, she returned from the vacation in Russia with Jeannie not long ago and when asked about the reason for admitted to the hospital, Moon said: “My stomach has severe pain and it turns out to be gastric lymphoma infection after testing my blood and poo. I was put on a saline drip for the whole night in the hospital and only told my mother after completing the registration as she might cry.”

Asking if her rumoured boyfriend, Adrian Chau (周志文) visited her, Moon replied nope but he did text her to take care of herself. Checking if she kept following Adrian including playing ball, Moon explained she had many friends in the ball team and showed her support only. When reminded Adrian was one of them, Moon said: “You are too sensitive and place too much attention on us.”

Lastly, Moon and Jeannie left in separate ways after the activity had ended. Jeannie headed to the back alley and boarded into a private vehicle returning to TV City.

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