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Moses Chan praises himself as Super Daddy

Moses Chan (陳豪) was dressed up as a car racer and played F1 stimulation racing game but resulted in several mistakes at a healthy food event on 17th July 2018. He said: “I am a beginner in car racing and it is difficult to drive a car with powerful engine.”

When mentioned about his wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) took her children back to Canada by herself, Moses did not feel relaxed as they were travelling by aeroplane: “I cannot focus on watching television and and fail to sleep well but it is good for the children to visit their grandparent per year.”

Moses was worried about Aimee taking care of their children in the plane as their daughter was no longer a baby and disliked to watch television similar to her second brother. They preferred to walk around and engage in conversations. Revealing that the netizens praised Aimee was a super mother, Moses agreed to it: “Yes. Giving birth to 3 babies is not easy and she needs to take care of them.” He also praised himself as a super daddy who had no problem looking after 3 children at the same time.

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