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Ms Hong Kong, Juliette Louie violates the traffic rule and ruins the image

Champion of 2017 Ms Hong Kong, Juliette Louie (雷莊兒) comes from a wealthy family and her father, Henry Lui (雷葆文) is the top 10 fashion designers in Hong Kong. He owes assets in China, Hong Kong and Canada and they have migrated to Canada long ago. Hence, everyone suspected that Juliette became the champion due to her wealthy family background and she said while laughing at the time: “I called my father immediately upon reading the news and told him that I have no idea that he is very rich.” However, Juliette has little workload after emerging as the champion and told East Week (東周網): “I am returning to Canada after completing my duties and the life there is not as hard as here.”

As an actress and model, Juliette stands at 170cm and is considered to have a good body figure. A few days ago, East Week discovered Juliette was dressed up casually and walked at the street as if she was performing a catwalk. But she continued to cross the road without waiting for the green man and should deserve a penalty since it ruined the image of Ms Hong Kong.

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