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Myolie Wu’s son leaves Hong Kong for the first time

Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) son, Baby Lee (李奕霆) is turning one year old soon, He receives his passport lately and goes to Macau with his parent. It is his first time to leave Hong Kong and Myolie commented that her waist was nearly broken due to carrying Baby Lee.

Myolie said: “It is his first time to leave Hong Kong upon receiving his passport and identification card. His grandparents are present as well and we go to Macau together via a ferry. Thank you to the housekeeper from the hotel and it is a smooth two nights trip. I eat my favourite pork chop bun and grandfather pays $120 to feed the tiger. We have snacks from Michelin and Portuguese cuisine. Hopefully, my baby knows how to walk next time and my waist is nearly broken as he is too heavy.”

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