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Nancy Wu and Alice Chan are fighting from the drama to the television station?

Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2深宮計) drama aired its finale on 8th July 2018. As the female lead, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) definitely watched the ending with everybody and could not bear to see the ending of the drama: “Everyone is concentrating and discussing such as the role characters when airing each episode daily. The audiences tend to have this feeling upon watching the finale and thank you for the supports. I feel overjoyed that the online click-rate in China is very high and the ratings record is good in Hong Kong too.”

As Deep in the Realm of Conscience drama ended in July and there is some time away to the awards ceremony conducted in end 2018. It is believed that her role character may earn an opportunity to win TV Queen again but Alice Chan’s (陳煒) brilliant performance becomes a strong competitor. When asked about her thoughts, Nancy said: “I feel elated to receive supports for my role character. Are Alice and I fighting from the drama to the television station now? I only film one drama this year and it is a special role to me. Everyone suffers during the shooting process and I show my full support to Alice. Hopefully the audiences will support her until the end. (The trend may be over when the awards ceremony is conducted in end 2018?) The ratings record and responses are excellent. I already feel happy when the audiences are discussing about us.”

Asking if they had chances to develop a relationship as she filmed the drama to stage play with Steven Ma (馬浚偉), Nancy said: “I am busy with developing other stuff. We went to Toronto and the US.” She then left it to Steven to respond but he chose to ignore it and watch the finale.

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