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Natalie Tong does not mind knowing friends through the application

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Kelly Ng (伍樂怡) attended a football event (足球狂熱打氣大會) at Po Lam on 8th July 2018. Although Natalie was dressed up sexily, but she pressed her chest when playing games in case of exposing herself. Natalie felt overjoyed and surprised that England national football team managed to go into world cup and loved watching football stars. She admired the footballer, Harry Kane (哈利卡尼) would be a rising star.

Natalie revealed she played ping pong and badminton and accompanied her father and brother to watch football match. She also played football with her brother and did not see any target but someone tried to invade the court: “My brother said I was very daring as I told them not to disturb us playing football. He then carried me away immediately. Haha! (Any target now?) I will be filming The Solution Expert (解決師) drama soon and it should wrap up within 6 months. I am going for location shooting in Shenzhen and Australia and will be looking around as well. I am fine as long as he is Chinese and we have the same culture. (Do you mind the age?) I will not use the age to determine the relationship and what matters most is the feeling and communication.”

Suggesting that she tried to know more friends through the application, Natalie laughed and said: “Nope. I am scared about meeting new guys and not to say about through the application. However, some friends get married through the application and I have less resistance towards it. Anyway, I feel there is no need for it now.”

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