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Natalie Tong loves to eat and cook; She looks for a man who has good culinary skills

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) learned to bake dessert at an event in Wan Chai on 6th July 2018. She revealed that she made chocolate dessert during White Day in the past and it ended up in failure: “It is common to give chocolate during Valentine’s Day in Japan. I try to make dessert and it is burnt. Hence, I search information online and have to try it again.”

Natalie loved to cook and boil soup during her free time. She would add marks if her suitor knew culinary skills: “Guys who know how to cook are very attractive. The woman is in-charge of making dessert and I want to learn to bake cake.” Natalie admitted that she envied Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) that she had a husband, Chapman To (杜汶澤) who had good culinary skills: “Her husband knows how to cook many food. I love to stay at home and hope to meet a guy who knows how to cook.” However, she would not ask her friends to introduce guys to her.

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