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Netizen points Natalie Tong makes use of reconciliation with Tony Hung to create news

Lately, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Tony Hung (洪永城) are pointed to reconcile for 2 months but they dismissed the rumour at the previous events. Tony clarified he remained friends with Natalie and said: “I want to look for a new partner.” As for Natalie, she did not think about salvaging the relationship and say: “It is hard to happen.”

However, some netizen remarked that Natalie was the one to create news about getting back with her old love and left a message on Instagram: “Natalie, please stop circulating news!” It was evident that the message stirred her anger and Natalie replied to that netizen: “The reporters ask the question and it is not me. Please stop the conversation and have a good day!”

Apparently, it failed to stop the netizen who continued to look for evidences that Natalie took the first step to mention her ex-boyfriend and love topics in several news articles. Natalie then rebutted: “Please cherish people who believe, encourage and value you since they make you increase trust in yourself, but understand others who challenge and deny your efforts at the same time as they make you stronger.”

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