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Netizens Are Obsessed With TXT’s Manager After Proving He’s Just As Chaotic As The Members

Since debuting in 2019, TXT has gained a lot of attention for their amazing talent and dazzling visuals. However, more than anything, TXT has always been praised for their playful and chaotic personalities that just make netizens smile.

Yet, it seems as if it isn’t just the members who are chaotic AF as their staff seem to be exactly the same!

Members of TXT | TXT/VLIVE 

During the recent “TO DO X TXT” episode, TXT’s manager Jisoo got involved with the group’s shenanigans. Ahead of their game, the members were split into teams. Because of the uneven number, Taehyun and Beomgyu were joined by manager Jisoo.

From the very beginning, manager Jisoo seemed like the perfect fit for the team, and it was truly hilarious seeing him interact with the members.

Even though he’s much older, Jisoo followed Beomgyu and Taehyun’s instructions well, and it helped in successfully defeating Yeonjun.

Of course, the other team quickly realized that Jisoo was a huge asset to their opponents and tried to take him out. Unfortunately, Yeonjun realized that the size difference was going to impact the team.

The strength came in handy when Jisoo used his size to carry Yeonjun over his back to get the advantage for his team.

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over how chaotic manager Jisoo was. They also loved how it seemed to be an ongoing fact that the TXT staff are just as crazy as the members.

Yet, it isn’t the first time TXT’s staff and managers have been praised for their chaotic behavior. Over the past few months, the staff has proved that rather than trying to control the members of TXT, they might be the reason the group is even more chaotic.

When the members were enjoying their time off, netizens truly saw the chaotic nature of the managers. After Taehyun got into some trouble in the pool, rather than casually getting him out, they acted like a claw machine to get the young member out.

They even had fun calling out the members and trying to protect their jobs.

Even when TXT joined other HYBE groups for The Game Caterers, rather than stopping the members from being chaotic, they were cheering them on.

Although it is the job of managers to take care of idols, considering they are with each other so much, it isn’t surprising that their relationship is like a family. With such chaotic children, the fact that the staff embraces the craziness and join in with TXT makes their bond even stronger.

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