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Netizens are unhappy with Sharon Chan for migrating Chinese talent to Hong Kong

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) opens her bakery business and expands to many branches in Hong Kong. She is planning to open her first bakery shop in Guangzhou and some netizen discover that Sharon is hiring the shop manager at $8000 (Renminbi) and the outstanding staff will be given a chance to relocate to Hong Kong. Many netizens felt unhappy as Hong Kong was overcrowded and Sharon should not arrange the migration easily. Some even refused to patronise her bakery business.

When asked about the issue, Sharon said at an event on 5th June 2018: “My business partner is in-charge of the recruitment in China and I understand that the shop manager in Guangzhou may have chances to relocate to Hong Kong. (Migrate the talents?) I am not very sure about it and will take note of the words from now onward. (Worry that they apply for the job in order to relocate to Hong Kong?) The recruitment drive is already over and I believe they will not apply for the position so as to migrate to Hong Kong. (The salary offered is low?) $8000 (Renminbi) is a reasonable amount. I know it is not high but we are a small business and cannot afford to offer high wages now. Hopefully the business will improve and we can give some salary increment slowly. Also, I hope to seek understanding from the netizens.”

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