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Netizens reprimand Lam Chi Po for doing a live broadcast at the hospital

Dickson Yu (余德丞) fell into a coma and admitted into ICU for treatment at Queen Mary hospital after playing soccer at night on 8th August 2018 and the media including TVB crew went to the hospital and waited outside the ward. TVB host, Lam Chi Po (林子博) begun a live broadcast and reported the latest situation on Big Big Channel. However, it caused complaints from the netizens and questioned about TVB shooting every show including in the hospital and grabbing every opportunity to earn money. They also doubted about TVB’s bottom limit and if it showed concern for their artiste.

From the live broadcast, Chi Po stood at one corner and did not harass Dickson’s parent and friends, but only reported the latest situation. Chi Po replied about netizens’ comments on Facebook: “Reporting entertainment news including playing live broadcast is my duty. It is up to you if you agree with TV station or do not show concern for an artiste whom you are unfamiliar with. Please be less mean and the patient is still fighting for his life. Everyone assumes Dickson remains in critical condition and let me announce that he is out of danger and in a stable condition for now. To Dickson’s friends, colleagues and fans, you can feel relieved now. Friends who believe in their  religions, please continue to pray for him and let’s hope Dickson will have a speedy recovery.”

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