Nicholas Tse has no reaction when he is seduced by a hot babe

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) filmed the MV for his new Cantonese song (放肆) earlier and the background consisted of blue, white, red and black sections. He faced different challenges and the red colour was considered the most eye-catching of all. Nicholas was seduced by a hot babe with his eyes blind-folded in the MV but he had no reaction at all and asked the crew team members: “Have you ever think that I am the one blind-folded and cannot see at all?”

Nicholas used a bucket of white material and poured it on his head in another scene. Based on understanding, it was the model initially but Nicholas decided to take over so as to produce better effects. As he filmed that scene around 3am in the morning, it was freezing and Nicholas continued to show his Chok pose after the pouring. Nicholas is indeed a professional singer.

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