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Owen Cheung and Apple Chan break up officially: No third party

Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Apple Chan (陳芷尤) have been dating for more than 3 years and going for holidays secretly to France and Netherlands together. In last August, Owen was rumoured to meet Apple’s parent in Singapore and the public believed their relationship was very stable. However on 2nd April 2018, both announced their separation news simultaneously online with the photos of their back views and looking at the beach separately with an empty seat beside them. The photo was suspected to be taken during their vacation and it was shocking to see they used it to announce their break up. He said: “Thank you for the beautiful memories for the few years and all incidents seem to happen yesterday. There is no third party at all. Although there is a change in our relationship, but we will continue to give our blessings to each other at a faraway place. Thank you for the concern for the past few years.” Good friend, Samantha Ko (高海寧) left a message with a sad symbol to express it was a pity.

Due to the sudden separation news, Apple replied to the media through text on 2nd April 2018: “We have separated for a while and decided to announce it at the right timing. We are busy with our work and have different perspectives. We are happy to remain as friends and please give us privacy. (Change to underground relationship?) We are focusing on our careers. Thanks.”

Owen also responded to the media: “We are friends now and want to continue to work hard for our careers. We are happy with the current state and please give us some peace.”

Owen and Apple graduated from the same acting skill class and started to fall in love after filming Come Home Love (愛‧回家) sitcom together day and night. They then cohabited and handled their romance in low key in order to focus on their careers. In February 2018, Owen and Apple wore couple outfits in blue and black colours at Sha Tin racecourse.

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