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Patrick Tang and his wife, Sukie S shoot intimate scenes in web series

Patrick Tang (鄧健泓), Gregory Wong (王宗堯) and SuperGirls member, Jessica promoted the new book (向西聞記) at a book exhibition in Wan Chai on 19th July 2018. Patrick revealed a web series was filmed based on the book and the cast team members included his wife, Sukie S (石詠莉) and himself in one of the stories (碌架床). They acted as a couple and it did not matter if they needed to shoot bed scenes. He said: “It is a realistic story. Gregory acts as my brother and we are competing for having a baby first in order to own a house. There is many intimate scenes and I lie on top of my wife and nothing to worry about intimate scenes. (How is the feeling?) It is different from reality and I feel much excited. Many people look at us during the shooting and it makes my marriage life more exciting.”

Jessica remarked that it was her first time to film intimate scenes with a man and feel embarrassed to shoot together with Gregory.

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