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Phoebe Sin learns to play golf from Ruco Chan; He praises she has talent

Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and Kelly Lok (伍樂怡) were at an event in computer city at Wan Chai on 29th July 2018. Asking if she felt “taken advantage” when all took the pans (煎Pan) which was Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) nickname, Phoebe smiled in embarrassment and did not mind it. What matters most was everyone felt happy. She was happy with the fees and hoped to earn more income subsequently. Phoebe also felt comfortable to attend activities with Ruco as a couple together since they turned up at public events together frequently.

Phoebe expressed that they cooked and exercised together while dating: “I did learn golf from him and he praises that I have talent. Hopefully we can play golf together on one day. (He praises you frequently?) Nope. He has high expectations and keeps teaching me. My stamina is poor and I believe it takes some time to catch up with his pace in training.” Checking if they had any marriage plan as Ruco’s fans accepted the relationship gradually, Phoebe felt happy and marriage plan depended on fate, and they were currently focusing on their careers.

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