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Priscilla Wong sponsors children in Bangledesh

Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) shared her thoughts about sponsoring 3 children as a sponsor mother at the press conference (助養·童享快樂旅程記者會) in Causeway Bay on 1st May 2018. She adopted 6 year old girl (芭依) and 11 year boy (拜諾) in Bangladesh around 3 months ago. Priscilla described it was a similar feeling and gave a lecture to the girl not to date and get married early as the local child marriage was a serious problem.

During an interview, Priscilla revealed her first adopted daughter was currently 18 years old and adopted 2 children only. Mentioning about achieving the word, “Hao” (好), Priscilla waited for the arrangement made by the organisation committee after the sponsor procedure. She felt it was interesting when sponsoring the children for the first time as she usually wrote letters to them and had the chance to give them stationary, food, flask and other resources as much as she could this time. But Priscilla felt sad when she had to leave.

When asked if her boyfriend, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) sponsored children as well, Priscilla said: “I help him to fill in the form and tell him to sign it upon returning. He knows the seriousness of the their problem and buys many bags and flasks. I really want to visit them together with him and it is a valuable life experience.”

Priscilla said when the organisation committee pointed she had the potential as a good mother: “It is special and I feel like a mother when communicating with the children first. I am worried about their studies, food, future and other problems but it will be a blessing in the future. (Preparing to be a mother?) It is 2 separate issues and we have not reach that stage yet. Edwin is a traditional man and we will have baby after married. (Has Edwin made any plans yet?) You have to ask him. Anyway, we are not talking about this and it is a boring topic.”

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