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Rainie Yang shares photos revealing her natural beauty

In this era, the photo may not be real when one shows photo as they can use application to remove dark circles, saggy skin and spots. Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) joins showbiz at 16 years old and does not have much changes except for becoming prettier and presentable. She shares photos of herself without “make-up” frequently but it turns out that she does something to the photos. As Rainie is sick lately, she uploads 2 real photos without make-up and using application at all. Ever wonder if it is frightening or looking beautiful as always?

On that day, Rainie suddenly shared photo of herself on a drip and requested to put on drip again in order to have speedy recovery. It turned out that she was sick for many days and her fans were worried about her. Rainie then shared 2 photos of herself to report her safety and post a message: “I am very good. I show 2 photos without make-up and editing to everybody. It is rare to use real photos to report my safety and please do not worry about me. It has been a year since I fall sick and it becomes serious once I am ill. Anyway, I have recovered around 85% now.”

Apparently, many girls do not use BB cream but draw their eyebrows and use application to remove the flaws. As for Rainie, it is evident to see that she has smooth skin with small pores but light dark circles and eye bags only. Many netizens praised Rainie resembled a student and some noticed that the mole on her face had disappeared. Rainie responded to it personally: “I have removed it and believe it will grow back again.”

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