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Raymond Chiu leaves TVB and joins Stephen Shiu Jr.’s company

Does everyone still remember Raymond Chiu’s (趙永洪) role character, Luk Ka Yat (些粉) in The Exorcist’s Meter (降魔的) drama in 2017? He reprimanded himself for causing the death of Long Mao (龍貓) portrayed by Anthony Ho (何遠東) due to catching genie and his crying scene was recognised by the netizens.

Raymond joins TVB in 1999 and 2019 will mark 20 his anniversary years. Despite the minor roles, but his acting skills is definitely recognised and Raymond acts in several sitcoms such as Off Pedder (畢打自己人) and Best Selling Secrets (同事三分親). Based on the information, his contract will TVB ended on end March 2018 and Raymond decided to join Stephen Shiu Jr.’s (蕭定一) company. He admitted to it during the interview and believed it was time to venture outside.

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